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Annual Meeting Locations & Elected Officers

1. President usually serves a 3-year term
2. Secretary-Treasurer usually serves a 4-5 year term
3. Officers are elected at the annual meeting, typically held in October, and duties are transferred thereafter
Year Meeting location President Secretary-Treasurer
2019 Kingston Gould Peter Schutz
2018 Halifax Peter Gould Keith
2017 Winnipeg Del Bigio Julia Keith
2016 Niagara-on-the-Lake Marc Del Bigio Gould
2015 Quebec Mackenzie Gould
2014 Banff Mackenzie Gould
2013 Ottawa Ian Mackenzie Gould
2012 Mont-Tremblant Munoz Peter Gould
2011 Vancouver Munoz Macaulay
2010 Toronto (50th) David Munoz Macaulay
2009 Ingonish NS Johnson Macaulay
2008 Edmonton Johnson Macaulay
2007 Niagara Falls Edward Johnson Robert Macaulay
2006 San Francisco (with ICN) Nag Woulfe
2005 St. John’s Nag Woulfe
2004 Vancouver Sukriti Nag John Woulfe
2003 Kingston Michaud Johnson
2002 Vancouver Michaud Johnson
2001 Montreal Jean Michaud Edward Johnson
2000 Banff Bilbao Ramsay
1999 Quebec Bilbao Ramsay
1998 Saskatoon Juan Bilbao Ramsay
1997 Ottawa Ludwin Ramsay
1996 Halifax Ludwin David Ramsay
1995 Jasper Samuel Ludwin Nag
1994 Toronto (with ICN) Gilbert Nag
1993 Whistler Gilbert Nag
1992 Toronto Joseph Gilbert Sukriti Nag
1991 London Carpenter Berry
1990 Quebec Carpenter Berry
1989 Montreal Stirling Carpenter Berry
1988 Toronto Kaufmann Berry
1987 Victoria Kaufmann Kenneth Berry
1986 Winnipeg John Kaufmann Gilbert
1985 Halifax (25th) Dolman Gilbert
1984 Ottawa Dolman Gilbert
1983 Banff Clarisse Dolman Gilbert
1982 Montreal Finlayson Joseph Gilbert
1981 Kingston Finlayson Ludwin
1980 Saskatoon Morrison Finlayson Ludwin
1979 Sherbrooke Rewcastle Ludwin
1978 Toronto Rewcastle Samuel Ludwin
1977 Vancouver N. Barry Rewcastle Montpetit
1976 London Lamarche Montpetit
1975 Montreal Lamarche Montpetit
1974 Quebec Jacques Lamarche Montpetit
1973 Jasper Robertson Vital Montpetit
1972 Kingston Robertson Rozdilsky
1971 Vancouver David Robertson Rozdilsky
1970 Ottawa Robert Rozdilsky
1969 Halifax Robert Bohdan Rozdilsky
1968 Toronto Francoise Robert Rewcastle
1967 Montreal Mathieson Rewcastle
1966 Vancouver Mathieson Rewcastle
1965 Saskatoon Mathieson Rewcastle
1964 Kingston Gordon Mathieson N. Barry Rewcastle
1963 Toronto Olszewski Mathieson
1962 Toronto Olszewski Mathieson
1961 Montreal (1st) Jerzy (George)
Gordon Mathieson
1960 Montreal (planning)