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According to the constitution of the CANP, active membership is open to all actively practicing Neuropathologists in Canada or abroad with appropriate credentials and with original contributions to the field.  Election of new members, duly proposed and seconded by two members of the Association, in writing in advance to the Secretary-Treasurer will be by majority vote at the statutory Annual Business Meeting.  Regular members have the right to vote and receive all the membership benefits.


Neuropathologists from outside Canada will be allowed, on an ad hoc basis to join the Association with all benefits.  Exceptionally, for key Canadian matters, the right of vote can  be restricted.  For members outside North America, the slides will be provided only with a firm commitment to  active participation in  the Annual Meeting.


Retired members will automatically remain members without payment of dues.


Junior membership is open, without  payment of dues, to residents in an accredited Neuropathology training program in Canada and the United States, upon application by the resident, accompanied by a letter from the training Program Director.  Residents from countries outside North America will also be accepted, under the same condition, providing there is a firm commitment to active participation in  the Annual Meeting.  Junior members will not receive the diagnostic slides or programs for the Annual Meeting but will  be eligible to vote at the Annual Business Meeting. 




Any member residing in Canada or in the United States who fails to attend the annual statutory meeting for four successive years shall cease to be a member of the Association, irrespective of payment of dues.  The secretary will notify the member by registered mail, and, pending any valid explanation, will intimate the name at the next annual business meeting.  This clause will not apply to retired members and members outside continental North America.